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words and images by Warren Wilson

Each August the city of Frederick, Maryland hosts The National Clusters Spires High Wheel race, the only one of its kind in the U.S.A. If you have a difficulty understanding that that might be, I'll simplify--it's a bicycle race where the cycle dates back to the 1880's. The front wheel is about five feet high, while a much smaller wheel brings up the rear of this two-wheeler.

The cycle was first invented in 1871 by James Stanley. His was an improvement over the attempts made by his predecessors. Initially canned the Penny Farthing, Stanley's high-wheel bicycle became very popular.

The racers in the Frederick race cycle around a perimeter of city streets for an hour. As they pedal, volunteers throw water up to them. And, at the end of the hour, the rider who has clocked the most rotations wins.

OpponentsTwo racers vie for position.

I still marvel at how anyone can get up so high to ride a bicycle. But, I'm guessing, that's why we have the more-down-to-earth bicycles of today. There's even a place for the kids!

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I Miss Infrared Film http://warren-wilson-photos.com/blog/2017/7/i-miss-infrared-film Allen Pond, Bowie, MDShot with Efke IR820, this film was scanned and colorized in Topaz Adjust.


words and images by Warren Wilson

I’ve found that what gets you started in a hobby has a way of sticking with you. I began my journey with photography as a child with a Brownie camera in hand. My parents found it cheaper to feed my habit with black and white, rather than color, film. All I did, especially during the summer, was take pictures. Pictures of dogs, cats, the neighborhood, friends, family, the family car…

Black and white/Monochrome has a way of inspiring me. It has a quality that seems to be lost with color. An oldies movie filmed in black and white comes on the cable station and I’m there for the next couple of hours. There’s just something about those shadows and the way the director lighted the scene. A sense of mystery has a way of keeping my interest.

Lake Artemesia, College Park, MD.Shot with Efke Infrared film, a bridge leads to a stand of trees. And, as with most things I do in photography, I’m always looking for an outside-the-box approach, something that makes the image stand out from the crowd. I’ve found that infrared photography is one technique that helps me do that. I prefer infrared film over digital, mainly because I don’t want to spend $400 to have my camera converted to infrared.

Going the film route, I settled on Efke IR820. I would use a Hoya R72 filter, a red, opaque filter and expose at f/16 for upwards of 3 minutes in bright sun. A bit slow, for sure, but it helps you plan your shot decisions—whether or not it’s worth the time to make the setup and exposure.

I would then hand-process in black and white chemicals, scan my favorites, process them digitally and then print.

The film has a soft, glowing effect which I find perfect for colorizing. Back in the day, I’d use Marshall Oils to paint the monochrome image, usually Sargeant Warren Wilson, 1968Shot with Infrared Polaroid on a matte surface. But now, with today’s technologies at hand, I prefer experimenting with various software plug-ins. Topaz Adjust has worked well in how it handles infrared. I can flip through the various options, choosing the one that’s close to my vision.

Sadly, Efke IR820 has met the fate of many other films—it’s no longer manufactured. Although I still have a few rolls in the freezer, they expired a few years ago.

We’re now witnessing a resurgence in the popularity of black and white photography. With that, there’s a hope film will become popular enough to make it to the store shelves. And, one can only dream that infrared film will make a return. I hope so. I miss those walks in the woods and 3 minute exposures.

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My favorite camera of all times http://warren-wilson-photos.com/blog/2017/6/my-favorite-camera-of-all-times words and images by Warren Wilson

Government ShutdownGovernment ShutdownPushing my way through a throng of people at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC.

You'll probably notice that I like to talk a lot about the cameras I have used. I've owned quite a few over the years--from a Mamiya C33 to a small digital, waterproof camera. Concentrating on the positive, there are a few cameras I have always loved. My favorite camera has been my Canon G9. I liked the camera so much that when it finally died, I bought a slightly used one. Yeah, I know---it's noisy after ISO 200; it's not necessarily quick to focus and shoot; flare is easily introduced. But, you see, these are the main reasons I call it my favorite camera.


Some reasons why I like the G9:

  1. Live View. I really got used to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Just by looking at the back screen, I can tell how good my exposure is, whether I have flare, whether it's sharp, and what all the camera sees as part of my picture.
  2. Flare-crazy. The G9 hates flare. Point the camera toward the sun and look at your live view screen. Take a picture. You may like the results.
  3. Slow to focus. Now, this can be a good thing. Have you ever heard of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)? Press the shutter quickly while moving the camera. The camera doesn't have time to react and do everything properly. Experimentation is the key here.


The camera has served me well. It's a great camera for when I don't feel like taking my DSLR with its array of lenses. I stick it into my coat pocket or throw it over my shoulder. I'll be ready for that next shot!



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Frosty http://warren-wilson-photos.com/blog/2016/12/frosty words and images by Warren Wilson

Blown-over JollyFrosty in a less-than-happy stance It happens this time every year. I get the bug to go photograph, of all things, Frosty the Snowmen. Notice I say "men" and not "man". It's a collective thing. The more the merrier.

Frosty, to me, is the one who makes this season so jolly. I'm kinda tired of Santa, as he's probably tired of me. "Try something new", they say. And, this is it for me.

Foggy FrostyFrosty left out in the fog But, there's one catch. I do my best to catch Frosty in the least flattering pose I can.  We're all used to seeing the jolly snow man all decked out and looking his most appropriate. I strive to take away his smiley, smiley edge and make him a bit more human...OK, I try to make him look stupid.

I've included a couple of images for you to get the idea. Frosty Majestic Frosty's Night Friends

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Every picture tells a story (don't it?) http://warren-wilson-photos.com/blog/2016/12/every-picture-tells-a-story-dont-it words and images by Warren Wilson

Well, I went and did it.....starting a second blog....even knowing that I don't have the time to do it. But, a new year is just around the corner and I'm feeling all inspired and fresh to do battle. Someone recently said, "Don't wait til the New Year to do something. Do it now while you're still pumped up about the possibilities of a new season, a time where all things are possible and, yes, we are going to get it done."

Since this is a new blog, I want to tell you my plans. It's something I've been thinking about for some time now. And, I think part of it has to do with the fact that I'm avoiding social media like the plague. Sure, I've tried it. But, I haven't felt that same "pull" I feel from talking about photography.

I've been in photography for a very long time....so long it's hardly worth mentioning. But, in all of that time, I NEVER felt photography like I have in the past ten years. You might ask, "What happened ten years ago?"

Ten years ago, my wife got me my first Fuji 2MP digital camera. Now, it was me who had told her just a few years before that to get me an Instamatic, that I was done with photography as an art form, that I'm burned out from all the chemicals (actually, I think I lost my sense of smell as a result of working with fixer and other non-environmental mixes for so many years.) Yes, just get me an Instamatic.

But, the first time I picked up that Fuji digital, I was hooked. LOOK! No film to rewind, take to the store to be processed, pick up your prints......Film had suddenly become cheap. I suddenly saw the light: A memory card held so many promises!!

Over these past ten years, I've had 2 camera systems. It's probably time for the third. But, that will only be a full-frame body. I'm never been this fired up for photography!

This blog (have I told you yet?) will be about the stories and recollections and trials of picture taking. You do it long enough and you see just about all there is to see...amongst them the ones that tell you that you just broke a rule, that you just photographed an item that you shouldn't have, etc. If there is anyone in the world who has been stopped more than I have, I'd like to trade stories with you. I may even let you guest-blog here (giving me a week off).

Yes, it's true, I will stick with the one-a-week rule no matter how "Happy New Year" I may feel at the time.

I run another blog. It's good but I have difficulty talking about something I'm only vaguely familiar with. That blog is about "Adventures in the Animal Kingdom." I've had my ups-and-downs with it. It's going OK. (Check it out http://www.warrenwilsonpetphotography.com/blog).

No photos this week. Maybe next week I won't be as long-winded and I can get down to business with the purpose of the blog. I've got a lot of stories to tell and there's usually a photo or two thrown in.

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