Go Ahead! Take Out the Color

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

U.S. Naval Academy Marching Band

--words and images by Warren Wilson--

It is true! We do live in a world of color. We see it in the sunrise; we see it in the brightly-colored Easter dress. And, we even dream in color. It pervades our sense of reality. But yet, we are capable of escaping, if only for a short while, the hues surrounding our universe. One avenue of escape is through the medium of black-and-white photography. Not everything in photography needs to be in color. There are times where a well-done image void of color can really outshine the color version.

When would we use black-and-white over color? Answer: when the color does nothing to enhance the photograph. When you look at it in this regard, you realize that we are able to take the color out of many of the pictures we see.

And, even after we remove all the color from the image, we can still enhance the image. A sepia tone will give your image a “days gone by” look. Nowadays, you don’t even have to get your hands wet with those awful chemicals. Use image software to strip the color, or even some of the color, out of the image. It will give your photography a different look and will set the image apart from the rest.


Couple at the Beach




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