Spoiler Alert: A Sad Christmas Tale

December 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Shadow watches over his favorite toy

words and images by Warren Wilson

Descendants of wolves, dogs became our best friends. They go everywhere with us--to the beach, to the park. Starting off as puppies, they, sometimes rather quickly, grow to become adults. And, if we're lucky, they will stay with us for a good ten years.

Well, my dog was an exception. I got Shadow as a puppy. Shadow was a Newfoundland. Already a huge dog at 5-weeks old, I gladly went to the store weekly to buy his bag of dog food. He seemed to really relish the comments people made about him, especially his size.

Shadow went everywhere I went, necessitating the purchase of a SUV in order to place him in the (uncovered) trunk whenever we'd go. He loved to hang his head out the rear tailgate window. Drool everywhere!!

Shadow lived to be 10 years old ... then he made it to 15. Slowly, his eyesight went. Even when he was practically blind, he always enjoyed his weekly trip to the pet store. And, he still liked the comments people made about him.

Shadow made it to age 18. He died last year, a few days before Christmas.

Great dog! Many memories. Many trips to the pet store.

R.I.P., Shadow!


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