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Every picture tells a story (don't it?)

December 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

words and images by Warren Wilson

Well, I went and did it.....starting a second blog....even knowing that I don't have the time to do it. But, a new year is just around the corner and I'm feeling all inspired and fresh to do battle. Someone recently said, "Don't wait til the New Year to do something. Do it now while you're still pumped up about the possibilities of a new season, a time where all things are possible and, yes, we are going to get it done."

Since this is a new blog, I want to tell you my plans. It's something I've been thinking about for some time now. And, I think part of it has to do with the fact that I'm avoiding social media like the plague. Sure, I've tried it. But, I haven't felt that same "pull" I feel from talking about photography.

I've been in photography for a very long time....so long it's hardly worth mentioning. But, in all of that time, I NEVER felt photography like I have in the past ten years. You might ask, "What happened ten years ago?"

Ten years ago, my wife got me my first Fuji 2MP digital camera. Now, it was me who had told her just a few years before that to get me an Instamatic, that I was done with photography as an art form, that I'm burned out from all the chemicals (actually, I think I lost my sense of smell as a result of working with fixer and other non-environmental mixes for so many years.) Yes, just get me an Instamatic.

But, the first time I picked up that Fuji digital, I was hooked. LOOK! No film to rewind, take to the store to be processed, pick up your prints......Film had suddenly become cheap. I suddenly saw the light: A memory card held so many promises!!

Over these past ten years, I've had 2 camera systems. It's probably time for the third. But, that will only be a full-frame body. I'm never been this fired up for photography!

This blog (have I told you yet?) will be about the stories and recollections and trials of picture taking. You do it long enough and you see just about all there is to see...amongst them the ones that tell you that you just broke a rule, that you just photographed an item that you shouldn't have, etc. If there is anyone in the world who has been stopped more than I have, I'd like to trade stories with you. I may even let you guest-blog here (giving me a week off).

Yes, it's true, I will stick with the one-a-week rule no matter how "Happy New Year" I may feel at the time.

I run another blog. It's good but I have difficulty talking about something I'm only vaguely familiar with. That blog is about "Adventures in the Animal Kingdom." I've had my ups-and-downs with it. It's going OK. (Check it out http://www.warrenwilsonpetphotography.com/blog).

No photos this week. Maybe next week I won't be as long-winded and I can get down to business with the purpose of the blog. I've got a lot of stories to tell and there's usually a photo or two thrown in.


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