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Utah Skies and Sandstone Ledges

November 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sunset over Utah

words and images by Warren Wilson

Just recently got back from a 5-day trip to Utah. While there, I had a chance to visit Canyonlands, Dead Horse State Park, The Arches, and more.While there, I had a chance to pick up a book in the motel that looked really interesting. The book covered the "outlaw" career of Bill Tibbetts. Poor Bill made a group of cattle ranchers angry and caused him to become an outlaw. I marvel at the fact that this took place in the 20th century. Being out "West" was a whole lot different than living in the big east coast city. They were still riding horses and firing guns ... all in the 20th century!!

Since I was going to be out photographing most of the days and nights we were there, I asked my wife to pick up a copy of the book for me. It turns out that the granddaughter of Mr. Tibbetts was now working at the motel. She told my wife a few stories of the wild west.

Skies over UtahNear the Arches, a jet leaves its contrail I'm not a great climber. So, the little climbing I did was a matter of necesity. I only climbed where and when I was forced to. A lot of the rocks are slick because of the sand in its composition. So, if you've never slid down a rocky ledge, take my word for it ... it's a challenge. But, as you can probably surmise, I made it and lived to tell about it. Would I do it again? Probably not. It was kind of like when I went to Kitty Hawk, NC and learned to hang glide. It's not like I ever went truly hang gliding. We learned on the beaches where there were plenty and sand dunes and tons of sand to break our miscalculated landings.

Beautiful country, Utah! Some of the places I visited were an hour's drive away. Leaving very early in the morning (after getting up shortly after I'd gone to sleep--4 a.m.) and driving to spots where it was still pitch black brought home to me the fact that there was no light pollution. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. Thank goodness for the pocket flashlights! (Be sure to take extra batteries!)




Arches JumperAt the Arches, a young man jumps for the camera.



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