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What it's like to enjoy what you do

November 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Government ShutdownGovernment ShutdownPushing my way through a throng of people at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC. One may ask why I'd take such a photo. Well, it combines three techniques I enjoy using--1.) the use of flare; 2,) camera movement; and 3.) street photography. They're combined all in one shot!!!

words and images by Warren Wilson

Life is short. It's too short to be doing things you don't like/hate doing. But, I suppose we all do it at one time or another--that trip to visit in-laws you don't care for (forget the money you put out for the trip), working too hard and too long, or even going swimming when you deathly afraid of the water. For me, it was working too long, too hard--not exactly a feeling of self-accomplishment.

Why do we do these things? I have no idea, but I, after many years of deliberation,  have a solution for it.

Stop what you're doing and start doing what you enjoy. We read about people doing this all the time....so, why can't we seem to get ourselves motivated to do the same?

I retired after 35 years of working at a job that I couldn't seem to let go. I reasoned that the place where I worked had a mighty big influence in the publishing industry, and frequently questioned the reason why I would want to go out on my own. Look at what I have!!!! Isn't life great?! I have all I could ask for.

No, not really.

Sometimes when we decide to finally cut the purse strings, we gain a new sense of accomplishment and energy. Regrettably, for me, this only came with when I retired. I retired early, but I was still battle-fatigued. I stayed way too long doing the same job for so many years that once it was over, I felt a sense of relief and a belated sense of a goal met.

Upon retirement, my wife decided that I would need a hobby to keep me out of trouble. She was actually right and she picked a great hobby for me to pursue...photography. Sure! Why not!? I'd worked in photography my entire adult life. But my savvy wife led me to a side of photography which I hadn't pursued in quite a while--the actual creative aspect of pointing a camera at a subject and getting a picture (the getting of a good picture comes much later).

I knew that whatever I was to take up I'd be sure of one thing--enjoyment. And, for some reason, photography has met that criteria for at least another 12 years. It would probably be a sad day if I was to wake up and realize that photography no longer thrilled me.  It may happen, but probably not. I say that because I'm more in tune with who I am and what I want.

I suppose that if anyone was to ask my advice on whether they should do this or that, I'd have to say...Whatever you may do, enjoy it! Use your enjoyment ranking scale to help determine how long you'll continue.



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