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It's all in the story

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HemingwayOld Havana. This older gentleman, living on the equivalent of $5 a month, was a Cuban veteran during the Cold War. He said that he manned a gun that shot down a U.S. jet during the Cuban Missile Crisis. words and images by Warren Wilson

Don't get me wrong. Awards are nice; trophies are nicer. They're one way to keep us inspired. But, what I like best about my photographs are the stories that go along with them. With every picture taken, there's a story. By remembering the story, I take a quick trip back to the time I took the picture.

A couple years ago, I went on a photography tour to Cuba. I wanted to get there before the country had become "Americanized". I mentioned my proposed trip to a camera club buddy and he said he'd like to go with me. Perfect! Here's someone I know and I would avoid that extra free they like to charge for single occupancy.

Ten days and over 6,000 shutter clicks later, I was home sorting through my images from the trip, reliving each moment as though it was unfolding before me again. Just last night I was looking through the images trying to decide which ones I'd use for this blog. That's when it struck me again... each image has its own story. I have a story for most of the images I shot on that trip, even down to the camera I used for a particular shot. That's a lot of stories! But, it's true. Photos help to jog my memory and often bring a smile to my face.

A lot of feedback has come as a result of that trip to Cuba:

  • Getty Stock Agency wanted 4 images for possible resale;
  • I won two consecutive camera club Travel awards;
  • Several images from that trip are my top sellers at art fairs.

Most importantly, I learned that I can touch people with the stories I have. I'd never, up to this point, really been a storyteller. That's when I realized that photography still can open doors for me. And, I suppose that can give life to an older saying that talks about an old dog learning new tricks.

Cuban DominoesThese two American tourists play dominoes.

Two CheThese twins didn't care too much about standing in front of Che for their picture to be taken.

My receiving my second Travel award in two years. Taken near the Vinales Valley, this car was full of teens cruising.


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