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My favorite camera of all times

June 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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Government ShutdownGovernment ShutdownPushing my way through a throng of people at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC.

You'll probably notice that I like to talk a lot about the cameras I have used. I've owned quite a few over the years--from a Mamiya C33 to a small digital, waterproof camera. Concentrating on the positive, there are a few cameras I have always loved. My favorite camera has been my Canon G9. I liked the camera so much that when it finally died, I bought a slightly used one. Yeah, I know---it's noisy after ISO 200; it's not necessarily quick to focus and shoot; flare is easily introduced. But, you see, these are the main reasons I call it my favorite camera.


Some reasons why I like the G9:

  1. Live View. I really got used to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Just by looking at the back screen, I can tell how good my exposure is, whether I have flare, whether it's sharp, and what all the camera sees as part of my picture.
  2. Flare-crazy. The G9 hates flare. Point the camera toward the sun and look at your live view screen. Take a picture. You may like the results.
  3. Slow to focus. Now, this can be a good thing. Have you ever heard of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)? Press the shutter quickly while moving the camera. The camera doesn't have time to react and do everything properly. Experimentation is the key here.


The camera has served me well. It's a great camera for when I don't feel like taking my DSLR with its array of lenses. I stick it into my coat pocket or throw it over my shoulder. I'll be ready for that next shot!




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