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Firefall FansMusic group Firefall enjoys having their picture taken at a recent concert in Annapolis, Maryland. words and images by Warren Wilson

Why was this happening to me?!

It seemed that each time I photographed a subject with people in the image, I would be stopped by a security guard. The guard would then ask me all sorts of questions in regard to why and what I was photographing. I didn't like the stops because it was happening much too often.

The final straw came at an indoor concert. I saw that many of the people around me were taking pictures. Not wanting to be left out, I pulled my Canon PowerShot out of my pocket. As soon as I started taking pictures, an usher interrupted my concentration with "No one is allowed to take pictures in this venue." So, I informed the usher that once they told everyone else with a SmartPhone to refrain from picture taking, then I would comply to their rule. They left me alone.

That was when I had my A-HA moment. (They really don't come that often!) Of course!! There was really a simple solution...I needed to blend in. So, I found myself a SmartPhone that was no longer smart. And I began using the phone as a camera when I thought there would be a chance of my being called out for taking pictures. 

I am proud to say that this tactic has worked. And, there have been times when these cell phone images have been better than what I could get with a larger camera. So, when you need to be inconspicuous, go low tech!

Double the Fun!Kid Rock performs on two screens.


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