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Taking a Step Back--Prague

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King Wenceslas rides

words and images by Warren Wilson

For the second time in three years, I would revisit Prague. All of this would come about because the first time we visited, we didn’t have enough time to thoroughly visit the Christmas Markets. It’s difficult to soak in the ambience when all you have is forty-five minutes and keep looking to make sure the bus hadn’t left you.

Prague is a beautiful city. And, there’s so much to do there. Planning ahead, I decided that I wanted a different set of photos than I got the previous trip. A few weeks before we left, I searched for a photographer who would give me a tour of the city. The last time I had searched for a photo tour guide, I was going to North Carolina. I put feelers out and the cheapest I could get would have been $450 a day. December 8, 2012It just happened I chose the day of John Lennon's death to tour Prague. If it hadn't been for my tour guide, I would certainly have missed this. It's one of my best-selling images.

That wasn’t quite what I wanted. I wanted a guide to take me around and show me places I’d never seen before in Prague. For $60, I was told I could have 4 hours. I jumped at the chance.

The wife and I get to Prague and the big day came. Of course, it almost never did happen because the hotel clerks told the guide that I wasn’t registered there. But, this guy was persistent and was finally able to convince them I was there about the time I was walking into the lobby for the tour.

Shaking off the anxiety of the nearly-missed tour, we hit some really neat places. We were to only be together 4 hours. But, I bought him lunch and we called it a day at close to suppertime.

Flesh-eating fishTake your shoes & socks off, plop your feet in the tank, and feel the nibbles. What a blast! I was able to get some neat out-of-the-way pictures and that was what I had set out to do. I’d say my favorite stop was at the Art Nouveau Place. There, we came across a metal sculpture by David Černý. It’s an upside down Saint Wenceslas.

That trip to Europe goes down as one of my most memorable. Now, whenever I travel (out of the States), I try to find a local photographer willing to spend a few hours. And, maybe we'll wind up having lunch and getting back way past dark.


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