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We all have our reasons for avoiding the snow

January 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A blizzard attacks Washington, DC area. words and images by Warren Wilson

Being a product of the South, I never really saw much snow while growing up. When it did snow (more than 3 inches), it was cause for celebration--we got the day off from school. And, it was certainly a day to remember. Wow! Look at all that white fluffy stuff!
I remember one particular snowstorm where there was at least 6" left on the ground. Once it stopped snowing, we then had the task of clearing it away. But, we also had time for such things as snowball fights and snow ice cream. Although it doesn't bring back too fond memories, I loved snow ice cream. Taking snow (fresh, of course) and adding vanilla and maybe some sugar, it was a fun treat.

And, I can't forget the kids (from up North somewhere) who would bring their sleds out and we'd all take turns riding down the hilly slope.

My affection for snow ended when I moved northward. Spending New Year's Eve in NYC, I was greeted with a large snowstorm. And a flat tire! It took a while to realize that I had a flat because I thought the problem was the snow. Fixing the flat tire, we made it to Greenwich Village in time to bring in 1968. I don't recall too much about that trip other than my having to deal with the snow.

And, that's the operative here--"deal". For me, snow = work. Ever since I've left the deep South, all I've been doing is dealing with snow. After that New Year's Eve, I then had to drive from New Jersey to Quantico, my next and final duty station. I recall driving through the Quantico gate and seeing nothing but snow as I drove down the 4-lane street of the base.

I remember most of the snows since then. Why?!!! Because I had to deal with them. For instance, the wife and I went to Europe in 2009. We saw some snow, not much. We arrive back at BWI, get our bags, walk out and find that the area had been hit by a blizzard. "Oh, no!!! In the morning, I have to get up and work for hours clearing away the snow."

White Christmas? I only recall one. It was nice, snow angels and all.

Now, here we are again today. I had other plans. I get up and see that it actually did snow (the weather people have been known to get it wrong). That meant what? WORK! Now, my morning is shot and I have to scrape the sidewalk, clear the cars, lay down rock salt...but, it's all been done now and I'm a happy camper (if only I could now find someone to cut the grass when the summer comes).



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